The Coosa Valley Church of God will follow, to the best of our ability, the leadership structure as laid out by the General Assembly of the Church of God as dictated in the current edition of the Minutes (as listed below).

Local Church Leadership (75th; S47; II; p140-141)

We affirm the Scriptural pattern of elders and deacons (Acts 6:1-7; 1 Timothy 3:1-13; 4:14; 2 Timothy 2:2; Titus 1:6-9) and every local congregation, in consultation with the state and territorial overseers, is encouraged to implement this Scriptural pattern of leadership.


Over the course of ample time, Coosa Valley Church of God will implement this form of Local Church Leadership. Accountability will be built into our Leadership Team (also known as Church and Pastor’s Council).


Leadership Team / Church and Pastor’s Council (75th; S52; p148-149)

  1. Selection
    1. When a local church deems it practical to have a Leadership Team, said council shall be elected by the governing body of the church consisting of the loyal members. Members of the Leadership Team shall be loyal members of the church.
    2. This council is to be elected biennially and by ballot.
    3. A system of rotation may be used whereby council members (deacon members) will serve a designated length of time.
    4. In the event the office of one of the council members (deacon members) is vacated between elections because the incumbent dies, becomes disabled, or is in any other way disqualified, the Lead Pastor is to submit to the governing body of the local church the names of the two individuals who received the next highest number of votes in the last election, so that one may be selected to fill the vacancy. Alternates may be elected during the regular election to fill any vacancies.
  2.  Size and Chairmanship
    1. The number on the Leadership Team shall not fall below the Church of God General Assembly Minutes standard.
    2. The Lead Pastor shall serve as chairman of the Leadership Team, shall call all regular monthly or quarterly meetings, and may call special meetings as needed. No meeting shall be called without the permission of the Lead Pastor, District Overseer, or State Overseer.
  3. Qualifications for Leadership Team
    1. Acts 6:3 ~ “Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.
    2. A member who serves on the Leadership Team must be:
      1. A loyal member of the church, adhering to its teachings.
      2. Baptized in the Holy Ghost.
      3. Faithful in tithing.
      4. A regular church attendant.
      5. One who works in harmony with the local, state, and general church’s program and reflects a cooperative attitude toward the progress of the church.
  4. Duties and Responsibilities
    1. The Leadership Team, under the direction of the Lead Pastor, shall promote the general and state outreach programs of the church.
    2. The Leadership Team shall work in harmony with the Lead Pastor and assist him, when called upon, in the institution and direction of the local church program and promoting the local church Vision and Mission Statements. The following are the different team units of the Leadership Team:
      1. Financial
        1. The Financial Deacons shall, under the direction of the Lead Pastor, strive to maintain a close relationship with the other team units of the Leadership Team, as it pertains to the finances of each team unit.
        2. The Church Clerk/Treasurer shall automatically be a member of the Financial Deacons, along with two other deacons. This team shall grow as the church body grows.
        3. All major disbursements must be approved by the local governing body.
        4. The amount that constitutes a major disbursement, the amount that the Financial Deacons, and the amount that the Lead Pastor can approve will be determined by the Leadership Team.
        5. The Financial Deacons will maintain a balanced church budget.
      2. Facility
        1. The Facility Deacons, under the direction of the Lead Pastor, shall provide and maintain proper building facilities for the congregation and a proper residence for the Lead Pastor.
        2. The number of deacons serving on this team unit of the Leadership Team will be determined by the Lead Pastor to maintain the standards as laid out by the Church of God General Assembly Minutes.
        3. The Facility Deacons must present any major disbursements, outside of an emergency as deemed by the Lead Pastor and Facility Deacons, to the Financial Deacons to be accounted for in the balanced church budget.
        4. The Facility Deacons will plan in advance each upkeep and repairs to the best of the deacon’s ability.
        5. Each project or repair that is started by the Facility Deacons must be completed before a new project or repair is started, with exceptions made by the Facility Deacon and presented to the entire Leadership Team.
      3. Operational / Spiritual
        1. The Operational and Spiritual Deacons will oversee programs, special services, activities, and ministry teams, under the direction of the Lead Pastor.
        2. Members of ministry teams will present any changes or needs for their respective teams to a deacon in this team unit and each request will be presented to the Operational and Spiritual Deacons as a whole team unit.
        3. The number of deacons on this team unit will be determined based upon need as the body of the church shall grow.
        4. Any major disbursement of funds needed must be presented to the Financial Deacons to be accounted for in the balanced church budget.
  1. Each team unit (Financial, Facility, and Operational/Spiritual) will work separately, however, will be considered the Leadership Team as a whole.
  2. The Lead Pastor will be the liaison between each team unit and the chairperson of each team unit.
  3. As the church grows, the ability of one person serving on more than one team unit will diminish.
  4. The Leadership Team as a whole or as individual team units are not voting boards, however, they are advisors to give direction and guidance to the Lead Pastor and to carry out the Vision and Mission of the Coosa Valley Church of God.
  5. Whereas the office of deacon is often misunderstood in the modern church, based upon the New Testament, the role of the deacon is primarily to be a servant. The Coosa Valley Church of God needs deacons to provide logistical and material support so the Vision and Mission of the church can be carried out.