Miss Ella Claire
June 7th, 2018 Ella Claire was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomysarcoma (ARMS). She went through her 54 weeks of treatment, and just as we were hopeful our ending was near, the cancer returned. August 27th, 2019 we found out that Ella Claire now has tumors in her right lung. She is now starting a new treatment. We will use this blog to help keep all her family, friends, and loving support system updated.
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Thank you ALL for your Prayers, Love, and Support you have all shown to this Precious family thus far on their journey!

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Saturday, Sept 21

As you know from a previous blog post, Miss Ella Claire had to stay overnight at Children’s Hospital Friday night. As with any usual hospital visit, she runs the show at Children’s. However, during the night Friday night, during her sleep, she had to have some oxygen put on her due to her oxygen level dropping. On Friday, even sitting down at times, her oxygen level was getting lower. On Saturday morning, they drained fluid, approximately 23 ounces, from her right lung and took an x-ray immediately afterwards. They will be taking another x-ray on Sunday and then again on Monday to determine the amount of fluid, if any, builds back in her lung. There are other tests and procedures that may take place during this time as well.
As of now, she is back in charge and running the hallways as usual.
Please continue to keep Miss Ella Claire, her parents and her family in your prayers. Also, be in prayer for the wonderful doctors and nursing staff that are caring for her at Children’s Hospital.
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Fun pictures…

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Evening Update

Well…. back to the clinic today!

Ella Claire woke up yesterday morning (Thursday) sounding a bit worse so they wanted to have her checked out before going into the weekend. After some tests and an x-ray her Dr. decided to have her admitted for the weekend. They found that there was more fluid in her lung just since this past Monday and her oxygen level was down to 85 while walking around. Tomorrow she is going to have the fluid drained from lung and then more tests Monday to make sure the fluid doesn’t come back too quickly. Thank you ALL for all of your prayers and love!

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And on the sixth day…

As with the entire treatment for Miss Ella Claire, things don’t always go as planned. She started coughing Sunday evening and woke up this morning (Monday) still with the cough. So, mom and dad contacted their wonderful medical team at Children’s, which decided to get her on into clinic today, instead of waiting until Tuesday. This was being done out of extreme caution. Miss Ella Claire is being treated with some allergy medicine and was able to go ahead and get her chemo treatment today. As of now, she doesn’t have to go back any this week.

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