Miss Ella Claire
June 7th, 2018 Ella Claire was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomysarcoma (ARMS). She went through her 54 weeks of treatment, and just as we were hopeful our ending was near, the cancer returned. August 27th, 2019 we found out that Ella Claire now has tumors in her right lung. She is now starting a new treatment. We will use this blog to help keep all her family, friends, and loving support system updated.
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Thank you ALL for your Prayers, Love, and Support you have all shown to this Precious family thus far on their journey!

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Clinic Visit~November 5th

Ella Claire had her scans today to see how everything looks after being on the new chemo for the past eight weeks. The tumors are smaller by about 30%-50%!!!! There is a significant amount of fluid still surrounding the outside of her lung. Her Doctors are not completely sure why but are making the necessary steps to form a plan to make sure it’s removed sooner rather than later, and we are continuing to drain as much as we can as well. Ella Claire is getting to start cycle three of the chemo medication so that is a great thing! She will have scans again in another eight weeks to see how the next few cycles of the meds are working. She is having some trouble with her thyroid and they are giving medicine to treat that as well. All and All this was a great visit and GREAT news! Tumors are SMALLER and the fluid can be dealt with!

We are Praising God for all of our Blessings great and small 🙂

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Overdue Update

The past few weeks have been pretty good at times and pretty tough at times. Ella Claire’s numbers and blood counts have all been coming back great however, her appetite has been up and down a lot more these past few weeks than normal. She’s starting to not like the foods she normally does so it’s just been a guessing game some days to see what she will actually eat and or drink each day. She has lost some weight but not enough to worry with, so that’s a blessing thus far! She had lots of fun last night getting to dress up as Wonder Woman and eat candy…. She does tire out a lot more than she has in the past, but it was much needed and enjoyed!

We will go this coming Tuesday (11/05) for Ella Claire to have all of the scans and tests to see how the new chemo is working. Just please continue praying for our sweet Princess Warrior and us as well. It’s an emotional roller coaster most days, but I will take those days as Blessings for as long as I need to! Thank you ALL for all of the prayers, love, and support you continue to show our family.

We appreciate you all so very much!

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Clinic Visit

Overall Ella Claire’s clinic visit went pretty well. She had a few of the normal tests done and her regular chemo meds taken. She’s still having some pain with there area where her tube is, it looks a bit pretty aggravated. Her doctors looked at the site and decided to go ahead and culture it just to be safe, as well as send the fluid that was drained from around her lung to be tested again. She had 150mls drained and it just looked a little different than it has been so once again, just to be safe! We also spoke with the nutritionist and have a plan for trying to make sure she’s not losing too much weight. She’s the “Milkshake Queen” so I’m sure that will not be too much of a problem 🙂
Please just continue to pray for our little Princess Diva. She doesn’t like her “new noodle”, but she is still just trying her best to go about her day as if all is OK! Love to ALL!

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Sunday events …

Just to update everyone on the events of the weekend through Sunday. Miss Ella Claire hasn’t felt very good and was nauseated most of the weekend. This morning we noticed that the site her catheter enters her side for her lung was red and irritated. After talking with her nurses, we took her to Children’s ER and with antibiotics given, we are back home. We have to go back on Tuesday for her regular weekly check up and chemo. She has finally ate a grilled cheese and some french fries as well.

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