Miss Ella Claire
June 7th, 2018 Ella Claire was diagnosed with Stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomysarcoma (ARMS). She went through her 54 weeks of treatment, and just as we were hopeful our ending was near, the cancer returned. August 27th, 2019 we found out that Ella Claire now has tumors in her right lung. She is now starting a new treatment. We will use this blog to help keep all her family, friends, and loving support system updated.
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Thank you ALL for your Prayers, Love, and Support you have all shown to this Precious family thus far on their journey!

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With Sincere Gratitude

There are not enough words to fully express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy, love, and support you have extended to our family during this journey of almost two years, and now in our time of loss.

We are ever so thankful to have so many amazing people in our life who have helped, and are still helping. No words could ever express how truly blessed and thankful we are for our family and friends and people who know only our story not our faces.

You all have been a great and powerful source of comfort. We pray that our sweet memories of Ella Claire will bring us all peace and that God will heal our hearts together.

With Love,
Dan, Lori, Addison, Baylee, and Cade


Princess Warrior

It is with heavy hearts that we share that Ella Claire passed away this morning  (Feb 13).

Her trademark statement- “I want something that I want” still makes us laugh. And now we realize she has everything that she needs!

Her sweet spirit has made a mark on us all. Her fighting spirit which earned her title, “Princess Warrior” is an example for us to never give up.

Our forever gratitude to friends and family who joined Team Ella Claire on her journey.
Much love to each of you!


Day to day

Even though we have seen several physical changes, there are still some constants that we hold on to.


Ella Claire is still the boss! Her favorite statement: “I want something that I want!” and then it becomes her ‘people’s’ job to discover what she needs.


The world is on Ella Claire time! If you are visiting, you leave when she wants you to leave.


Ella Claire ALWAYS ALWAYS wants to help the nurses. She has such a helpful spirit even when feeling so bad.


Ella Claire has made her mark on so many hospital employees! She gets visits from all over, coming to check on her and give her a smile, a hug, a pat.
So much love…


Ella Claire has begun sleeping more; her body is so tired! She is on maximum oxygen and the presumption is there is no function in the right lung which makes breathing harder. They have reduced fluids to relieve the work of the kidneys.


The amazing and caring medical staff continue to find solutions to keep Ella Claire comfortable, a wonderful example of teamwork for the care of a child. So. Very. Grateful.


We covet your prayers and love over the next few days, prayers for Ella Claire’s comfort, for her to feel the love and care of her family and friends, for strength and wisdom and courage.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” I Cor. 13:7
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Hamburger Noodles!

“Every day may not be good but there is good in every day.” Today? Noodles! Miss. Ella Claire requested noodles and she received a double portion! She continues to enjoy watching Sing!, Aladdin, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, often on a loop. She is surrounded by her unicorn collection, her “corn’corns.” When she feels like it she colors or does stickers. But mostly, watches her favorite movies.
The medical staff have had to consistently increase her pain meds as well as her oxygen levels. Their goal is to find the best comfort level for Ella Claire. We don’t have a time frame, so every day is taken as it comes. For these reasons, we are asking for visits to be limited to family only right now. Our family is so very comforted by the outpouring of prayers and texts of concern and love; they are our sustenance. We love you all in ways we cannot adequately express.
As always, we covet your prayers for: God’s presence to be made real; strength for today; for His guidance for the medical staff; for Ella Claire’s comfort and peace,


From Pastor Andy ~ We have had numerous request on how to help the Kennedy family financially. You can give online at {http://cvcog.church/give} or {http://cvcog.church/PayPal}. Make sure you choose ‘Miss Ella Claire’ or notate ‘EC’. Monies given will go towards anything Miss Ella Claire needs, food and snacks, as well as utilities and other financial needs for the family as well.


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Ella Claire and her PaPa