January 6, 2020

Hello, 2020! 2019 concluded with lots of fireworks at Disney World! Our family had a wonderful time exploring the parks and just being together. Ella Claire had lots of attention and certainly maintained her Princess status among the Disney originals! We were glad to be back home although one of our souvenirs was the flu. Cade and Ella Claire came down with it a couple days after returning. Dan and Ella Claire went to Children’s for 4 days; mom and Cade hunkered down at the house. Everyone got through it in time to celebrate our extended family Christmas on Saturday (1/4)!
Prior to the trip, Ella Claire began to complain while walking. Xrays showed a fracture in the growth plate in her hip due to the radiation treatment earlier this year. Surgery to repair is scheduled for Jan. 28. Consult for this surgery is Monday, Jan. 13. We ask for wisdom as we listen to the doctors and make decisions regarding the surgery.


The current chemo is showing signs of being effective on the tumors in her lung. The last scan showed signs of the tumors being smaller. Ella Claire continues her weekly visits to the clinic on Tuesdays to have fluid drained from around her lungs and lab work.


Not being able to walk is frustrating at times for Ella Claire which affects her overall outlook. We are readjusting to our daily routine after our Disney trip and Christmas celebrations. Sometimes a normal routine is just what the dr. ordered!
Specific ways to pray:
*for wisdom regarding the upcoming surgery consultation
*for continued chemo regiment to be effective
*for strength, protection, and peace for Lori, Dan, Addison, Baylee, Cade, and Ella Claire.


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  1. Debby Wilks says:

    Glad you all had so much fun. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Love you all. You’re always in our thoughts.

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