Overdue Update

The past few weeks have been pretty good at times and pretty tough at times. Ella Claire’s numbers and blood counts have all been coming back great however, her appetite has been up and down a lot more these past few weeks than normal. She’s starting to not like the foods she normally does so it’s just been a guessing game some days to see what she will actually eat and or drink each day. She has lost some weight but not enough to worry with, so that’s a blessing thus far! She had lots of fun last night getting to dress up as Wonder Woman and eat candy…. She does tire out a lot more than she has in the past, but it was much needed and enjoyed!

We will go this coming Tuesday (11/05) for Ella Claire to have all of the scans and tests to see how the new chemo is working. Just please continue praying for our sweet Princess Warrior and us as well. It’s an emotional roller coaster most days, but I will take those days as Blessings for as long as I need to! Thank you ALL for all of the prayers, love, and support you continue to show our family.

We appreciate you all so very much!

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2 Responses to “Overdue Update”

  1. Debby Wilks says:

    She looks absolutely magical and so happy. So glad you all had such a special and happy day. Your family is so special and so loved. Remember that.

  2. Barbara Brewster Hawkins says:

    My precious little PRINCESS WARIOR
    i will continue in prayer for you.
    God loves you and he will be by your side through all your scans and tests.

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