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Good morning/evening!
We are so excited about all the many things that God has been and is still doing around Coosa Valley, that we are going to start rolling our the CV Newsletter. So many great and wonderful things are happening that it is so hard to keep up with them all, we believe that by putting some of them in newsletter form, we can keep everyone in our CV FAMILY informed. Every few days, as time permits, a new article will be published on our Website, which will also post to our Facebook page, our Twitter account and be available on our CV Mobile App (links at the bottom of this page).
We will start off by covering many topics like the Vision and Mission of Coosa Valley, our Church Connections, Social Media Pages, Ministry Departments, Outreach Ministries and Core Values. We will also cover ways for you to help the Ministries of Coosa Valley operate as well, such as YWEA Aluminum Can Drive, Aluminum Can Tops, Box Tops, Soup Labels, and Online Giving.
Be sure to check out each new Newsletter post, as well as browse around our Website for more information about how YOU can become a BIG part of the CV FAMILY. May God bless each of you!!!

It’s not about us, it’s all about HIM!!!

Pastor Andy Lambert

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