Sunday Morning ~ June 19, 2016

The Biblical Role of a Father (Father’s Day)
Proverbs 19:26 ~ “He that wasteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son that causeth shame, and bringeth reproach.”
What is a father? The dictionary says “a male parent, a man who creates or originates something.” In some circles we have lost the biblical definition of a father. Just to be able to produce life biologically does not make you a father, no more than a bath and a red ribbon will make a pig a poodle. There is more to it!
The text sounds up-to-date, like a family gone wrong. A man who starts a family contracts the responsibilities from God. Father, like it or not, you, more than anyone else, are responsible for the spiritual life of the home.
Being a Father Is a Responsibility
  • The Bible warns that God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5).
  • God holds a father responsible for the moral pattern of the home. (Example of David and Absalom in 2 Samuel 18:33)
Being a Father Is a Privilege
  • Divine sanction backs a purposeful father (Joshua 24:15).
  • God sends reinforcements his way (Leviticus 20:9).
  • God designed the home and He protects it (Exodus 21:15).
  • Noah was unable to win a single family, but he made sure his own family was safe (Genesis 7:7).
  • Can God say of you what He said of Abraham (Genesis 18:19)?
  • Solomon looked back on his childhood and gave instructions (Proverbs 4:1-4).
Being a Father Is a Challenge
  • It is a big job, but so rewarding (1 Timothy 5:8).
  • Don’t send them to church; take them. Don’t just preach honesty; live it.
Being a Father Is an Honor If the Father Is an Honorable Man (Exodus 20:12)
  • A sad sign is the deterioration of the role of father in the household.
  • In TV programs father is depicted as a bumpkin, always arriving with too little too late.
God never intended for the father of the household to play a minor role. To honor your father is more than giving him a fishing reel or a tie on Father’s Day.
Pastor Andy Lambert

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