Unattached to Time

Matthew 5:41 ~ “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.
In Jesus’ code of ethics, there is no room for a zealous protective of our time and our energy. They are to be spent for kingdom purposes. Often, that means that they are to be spent for others.
What is it that makes us guard our time so protectively? Most of us balance families, jobs, church, rest and recreation, and any other interest we might have. Time is scarce. No one gets more than twenty-four hours a day. We must figure out how to balance all of our many responsibilities, and the relentless clock will not slow down for us.
In all of our juggling, do we leave time for service? God gets the first fruits of our paychecks, but does he get the first fruits of our time and service? Perhaps we are overestimating our own agenda’s importance; is our schedule really that sacred? Are we too focused on getting things done, or are we wanting to help build an eternal kingdom.
Pastor Andy Lambert

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