Jesus, Our Righteousness

Matthew 5:17~ “Do not think I have come to abolish the Law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
When we think of the Christmas Story, we usually think of the birth stories in Matthew and Luke. These tell about how Jesus came into this world. But why did Jesus come? Jesus answer this question himself in many of His teachings, one of which is found in Matthew 5:17.
We don’t often think of this verse in terms of the Christmas Story, mainly because it is more often a confusing statement about legalism and the role of the law in the Christian’s life. There is so much more here than just that. The law that Moses received on Mt. Sinai cannot be broken without consequences, yet the law was broken. The prophets cannot be ignored without consequences, yet the prophets have been ignored. Only by man fulfilling the laws and listening to the prophets can man be saved and God sent a Man.
Jesus fulfilled all righteousness. When He went to John to be baptized, it was not for Himself, it was a baptism on Israel’s behalf and ours as well. He accomplished what we could not: true obedience and true repentance on our behalf.
The reason for Christmas, the baby in the manager was our only hope to fulfill God’s law and thank God He did just that.
Pastor Andy Lambert

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