Revive Us Again!

Psalm 85:6 ~ “Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?


Revival is the cooperative effort of the spirit of God, and the people of God.It isn’t a random act of grace that falls on random people from time to time.Revival begins with the desire for change. Revival begins when we are able to see and admit what we have lost, and what’s been broken down, and we choose to no longer to accept it as normal.Sin is not normal… Broken homes are not normal… Sickness is not normal… Disease is not normal… Idolatry is not normal… the Occult is not normal… Perversion is not normal.

Revival is God’s people praying, fasting, sacrificing, laying aside fleshly pursuits.

Repenting, turning from our wicked ways, crying to God, and God answering.

Revival begins at the church. Revival doesn’t begin with the world. We can’t expect the world to get better until the church gets right with God. There is a spirit of revival in the land. Cry out to God for revival. Revival for your church, for your family, for your city, and schools. Let’s prepare the way for revival. Consecrate ourselves unto God, build the altar, put on the sacrifice, and God will send the fire.


Bro. Hank Quesenberry

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