The following are areas that you can help with the different ministries within the church. Check back often to see any changes and additions that are being made. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!


Social Media

There are plenty of areas that help is needed on the social media pages and EVERYONE can help. First, whether you have social media or not, during your witnessing and/or talking to someone about the church, mention our social media pages. Second, if you have any one of the social media applications that we are currently using (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus) then you need to follow/like ALL of our pages. This is a great way to keep up with and spread our events and activities, as well as inviting people to Coosa Valley. Below you will find a list, as well as a link, on each of our pages. Third, share events on your page as well as on other available community pages, within the guideline set forth by those pages. We want our church to be out in the Social Media world, but we also want to abide by the guidelines set forth. Finally, keep a watch on all the community pages that you are a member of. There are often, very often, people are posting on these pages looking for a church to attend. We need to take this opportunity to put Coosa Valley out there and invite each of these people to CV. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need to remember that Social Media is a ministry tool and we need to conduct ourselves in a Christ-like manner when using this tool. People are and will be watching your personal page and your comments, so remember to be prayerful and watchful and you post; you are representing God and Coosa Valley!!



We have several departments within the local church and each of these departments can use your prayers and support. Here is a brief breakdown of these departments, as well as the department heads. As the church continues to grow, this list will change, so check back often. Please keep each of these in your prayers daily. (If you are serving in ANY of the departments and your name is NOT listed, please see Pastor Andy. We are working on getting a complete listing.)

  • Sunday School ~ Secretary (Frances Masters); Classes and Teachers: Sanctuary/Adults (June Ann Davis), Ignite Class (Pastor Andy Lambert), F.B.I Class (Amanda Maddox), Toddlers/Twos (Kerri Lambert)
  • Nursery (ages 0-3)
  • Disciple Ship Kids {} (ages 3-13) ~ Kerri Lambert
  • Ignite Student Ministry {} (ages 13-18)
  • Women’s Discipleship ~ President (Kerri Lambert), Vice President (Frances Masters), Secretary/Treasurer (Amanda Maddox)
  • Ushers ~ Chuck Wilks, Art Dillard, Jim Wallis, Kevin Kimberly, Ronald Madsen, George Martin
  • Greeters ~ Ushers and Frances Masters, Susan Maddox, Callie Maddox, Linda Wallis, Jim & Marie Compton, George Martin
  • Sound Booth ~ Daniel Kennedy
  • YWEA
  • Nursing Home Ministry

CV Servant Positions

The CV Departments are: Sunday School (teachers/assistants), Nursery, Ushers, Greeters, Building Security, Children’s Church, Music, Prayer Room, YWEA, Youth, and others. If you would like to be a member of ANY of these departments, please see Pastor Andy.

YWEA Aluminum Can Drive

Bring your cans in a plastic bag and place in the fenced in area. These cans are recycled and all monies are used to help support Church of God YWEA. {}

Aluminum Can Tops

As you are bagging your cans for the YWEA Can Drive, please take the tab off the can and place in a sandwich bag. When your bag is full, please give to one of the kids in Disciple Ship Kids {} and they will take it from there. We send these tabs to the Ronald McDonald House of Alabama. The monies collected when they recycle the tabs goes to support the homes that are there for the families at Children’s Hospital. {}

Box Tops / Campbells’ Soup Labels

As you buy your groceries, pick up items that have the BOX TOP label on it. Cut the label once you use your product, place in a sandwich bag, and once you have several, please give to any of the ladies. These box tops are sent to the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home. {}

Outreach Ministry Tools

We have several tools that have been made available to you to help spread not only the gospel, but also assist you in inviting people to Coosa Valley. These tools are, but not limited to:

  • Red Marbles ~ give one to someone and remind them what the blood of Christ has done for you and them
  • CV Envelopes ~ two different envelopes, one to give to someone you are inviting and one to give to a first time guest at CV. Each has information about the ministries at CV.
  • CV Yard Signs and Car Tags ~ these are great tools to use to invite people to CV
  • Facebook ~ be sure to LIKE and SHARE posts and events on the CV pages.